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Wilson Fu, TPM Consultant
(MBA, B Mgt, Dip Ind. Mgt, EE, Telecom, JIPM certified TPM Instructor)

  Mr. Wilson Fu is currently an external Total Productive Maintenance
  (TPM) Consultant for MNCs in Singapore, Europe and Asia
  Pacific. For the last 9 years, he has been providing training,
  consultancy, audit and certification services in various
   industries including manufacturing, semiconductor, power
  supply, paper, and wafer.

  Previously, he worked with ST Microelectronics Singapore Back End
  for more than 32 years, with 10 years as Operations
  Director, and 2 years as TPM  Director. He was promoted from Production Manager to Director of Operation in 1992 and Director of TPM
in 2002.

In his earlier years, Wilson worked for 5 years with SISIR (Singapore Institute of Standard and Industrial Research), from 1966 to 1971. In 1970 he received a scholarship to train in Sydney.

He has been active in SPIMA (Singapore Polytechnic Industrial Management Alumni
since 1992 as a Chairman, vice chairman, and treasurer.

In June 2004, Wilson joined Impact Management Services Pte Ltd as Director/Principal Consultant, specializing in empowering manufacturing companies to improve their
Productivity, Quality, and Yield simultaneously. In early June 2004, He worked as TPM consultant for the ST Microelectronics Singapore Plant.

Subsequently in July 2004, he started consultancy for ST Microelectronics Malta Plant and finally completing the 8th visit to Malta Plant in 2006.

From 2006 to 2013, Wilson worked as TPM Consultant for MNC’s including Asia Pacific Resources Pte Ltd (APRIL) and Siltronic Samsung Wafer (SSW).

In 2007 and 2008, Wilson was invited to be a member of the assessment panel appointed by SPRING/ Singapore Productivity Association, to nominate companies for the Life Long Learning Award presented by the President of Singapore (2007). Wilson was one of the 15 member delegates who went to Korea for the Singapore-Korea Best Practices Study Mission, jointly organised by Singapore Productivity Association (SPA) and Korean Standards Association (KSA).

The objective of the trip was to observe the best practices of companies and TPM was suggested by KSA as one of the new directions for leading industrial education and training.

In 2010, Wilson was assigned as a resource person by Asian Productivity Organisation (APO) for its APO In-country Training Program for Productivity and Quality Practitioners. During the project implementation in India, Wilson conducted the TPM Module for a class of Post Graduate Diploma students. In the same year, Wilson also traveled to Laos where he conducted the TPM module for government officials and senior management of private companies.

Over 2010 and 2011, Wilson has provided coaching for TPM operator and technician teams from an MNC. The teams participated in the International Exposition on Team Excellence (IETEX) and were recognised with commendation certificates and awards, while in competition with 25 other teams from India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand.

In the following years, Wilson continued to coach 3 teams each year to participate in the competitions at Team Excellence Symposium (TES), organized by SPA. The teams were awarded one gold and two silver awards in 2012 and again in 2013.