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Strengths And Expertise

    Our team has experience in driving a full TPM program with 8 Pillars in MNCs.

We provide Consultancy, training and presentation, on TPM methodology and implementation to company CEOs, President and Vice President. Our Principal Consultant is a JIPM (Japan) Certified TPM Instructor.

We have the expertise to design and develop a specific TPM implementation program that satisfies the need of any company. Our strength is in guiding the company to achieve their TPM target in the shortest possible time. The tangible benefits can be measurable.

We also have experience in assisting both small and medium sized enterprises and multi-national corporations in cost reduction.

    Team Coaching

Three teams were coached by us in 2013 to participate in the competitions at Team Excellence Symposium (TES) organized by SPA. They have contributed to huge savings and impact for their company.

Team Name: A
TES Award: Gold
Cost Savings/ Value Created S$5 Million

Team Name: B
TES Award: Silver
Cost Savings/ Value Created S$299.5K

Team Name: C
TES Award: Silver
Cost Savings/ Value Created: S$ 65,802 and 1.56% Capacity Increase